Healing the trauma caused by human trafficking

Hi, I'm Amanda Griffiths

I’m a mom of two little ones and an advocate against Human Trafficking. I first opened my eyes to the horrific world of human trafficking when numbers skyrocketed during Covid. Kids were being kept home in unsafe environments and child exploitation rates became daunting. During that time I learned that 40 million people are currently enslaved in this world and 1 in 4 of those people are children. I learned that only 1% of survivors of human trafficking currently get the care they need to thrive after the trauma they’ve experienced and as a mother I knew right away that I couldn't rest until I got involved. 

After a lot of thought I decided to create a beautiful 14 Karat gold filled bracelet you never had to take off. One that was different enough to start a conversation and significant enough to make you proud to wear it. I shared my idea on Instagram fearing that no one would buy it. That no one would care. 

My goal was to sell enough bracelets to raise and donate $5,000 to an organization that rescues children from child sex trafficking. That organization is Operation Underground Railroad. After surprisingly raising $5,000 in the first day I introduced my bracelet to the world I quickly realized this was what I was meant to do. That this is what I’d never stop doing.  

With the help of incredible volunteers Bracelets For Change now has 10 different bracelets and has donated over $300,000 to organizations that prevent, rescue, and heal victims of human trafficking. And we are just getting started. Everyone deserves the right to be free, to be safe, and to have equal opportunity. Thank you for buying jewelry that makes a difference! It means the world to me and to every victim and survivor we are able to help.

Xo, Amanda

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