Human trafficking is real.

It destroys lives, dignity, and hope and has devastating effects on communities. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A Growing Crime

Human trafficking is an egregious evil that devastates millions of innocent victims every year. Every day, through force, coercion, and fraud, millions of people around the world are abused and exploited in sexual slavery and forced labor – all for someone else’s profit.

This illegal trade of human beings is big business. It generates over $150 billion dollars annually, which is more profit than that of Amazon, Apple, and Coca-Cola combined.

Most trafficking victims are women and girls, and only a small fraction of survivors receive the care they need to heal and thrive. Generational cycles of poverty and injustice are left untouched, too many survivors are revictimized, and slavery continues.

A Gap In Knowledge

Human Trafficking impacts all aspects of a victim’s life and has devastating effects on their families and communities. Effective solutions have not been proven and/or scaled globally, leaving millions trapped in cycles of exploitation. This gap in knowledge and effective response fails individuals, families, and communities devastated by Human Trafficking.

Our Approach

EverFree’s unique approach attacks human trafficking at its core. We deliver survivor-informed, local-led, and scalable solutions that confront the systems that perpetuate abuse, spark human flourishing, and accelerate lasting freedom for all.